Pretty Little Pothead Shirt

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More and more blessing thank you bring god back into this country and putting americans fistthank you for all your hard work and may god bless you. I guess you didnt read the tri a Pretty Little Pothead Shirt transcript where stones attorneys questioned her on her dislike of you and where she admitted she didnt like you stones attorneys approved her as a juror anyway just because someone doesnt like you doesnt mean they cant be fairsee morethere has been so many politically tainted judges that have been revealed in the past years the whole political system of liberal left is a powerful entity filling judges media courts government congress and all college and schools systems incsee more the foreman of the jury has been outed by numerous news sources as a partisan her run for congress as well as her own twitter account confirm that she either lied to the court or the court. You will be reelected sir and the dems will lose the senate and houseagain we love youmr president keep america great and keep winning thank you sorry you have to endure all this

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