I Don’t Need Luck I’ve Got Jesus Shirt

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Please be the candidate that doesnt criticize the others as a I Don’t Need Luck I’ve Got Jesus Shirt native southern californianplease continue to focus on the safety of our country ca is an example of the illegal immigrantwelfare wasteland all other states should avoidsee more I would love to have a copy of the state of the union speach signed be president trump it would be a honor. You posted less than minutes ago and have almost k likes and commentsi think it stands as testament to the fact that we love you and your polls are on the rise if mccain was alive you would have to vacate the office because im pretty sure if he would have voted to convict you. It was inspiring encouraging and it made me proud to be an american thank you for all you do thank youmr presidentyou embarked on a journey to make this country great again

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