Dad Of Girls Outnumbered Shirt

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Trump dwayne michael carter jr will always be my president lets remember the entire trump family has been banned from operating any charity in new york after they stole from a Dad Of Girls Outnumbered Shirt childrens cancer charity keep making america great mr president god bless you for enduring the insanity of those that hate our countryyou are. No snide remarks name calling or anything to give the dems reason to attack your twitter remarks and on going attacks is belowyou move forward and brisee more its impossible for me to believe that your state of the union could be taken in any way but perfection it left me proud to be an american as for speaker pelosi she just proved to me that she lacks respect for her position and has some personal issee more until you were running. Am so proud of you my president god bless you for making america great againgod bless america land of the free the home of the brave we are with you

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